My Life, My Coffin

The Lien Foundation engaged the services of Singapore–based FARM – a creative arts community – to curate the works of four professional designers. The first three were tasked with designing personalized coffins for 3 residents of the St. Joseph’s Home and Hospice (Singapore). Each designer was paired with a resident and spent time learning about their lives, personalities and what each wanted to depict on their personalized coffin. The designers also had to reflect the philosophy and intent of the Life Before Death initiative in their designs. They next worked at their respective drawing boards, using their unique artistic styles to create thought-provoking coffins that embody and celebrate the lives of each resident. The final designs were the blueprints from which a coffin was built for each of the residents to eventually use.

The fourth designer, Singapore-based French artist Giles Massot was commissioned to create a coffin for himself. He was free to base his design on his personal philosophy of Death, with consideration also given to key messages of the Life Before Death initiative.